Friday, July 29, 2005

Having a moment...(7-29-05)

so...I decided I could look at this doily pattern and figure out how to do it. Some guessing was in order, because the picture isn't the best quality around. I got this far, and am trying to figure out where I went wrong, cause its not laying right! Then it dawned on me...its made in two pieces!
Well, DUH! Ok. but this is enough for now! I will have to look at it again tomorrow!

Today's handistuff: You're looking at it!

Today's puterstuff: Looking for an arial photograph of the town I live in. Guess we don't have enough planes around here!

Thursday, July 28, 2005


I am owned by this little polydactyl kitty...her name is BittyKitty...along with 2 other "normal-toed" American Shorthair cats.

My cats love my crochet. Whether playing with the yarn/thread I'm currently using, or sleeping on a finished, or UNfinished, piece.

Libby is the destroyer. She will take small things I've made and adopt them. By the time I find them...they're pretty worse for wear. She also loves to take small balls of yarn I forgot to hide.

Today's Handistuff: Made a quick bookmark, worked on my sunshine doily, no cross stitch.

Today's Puterstuff: Translating a crochet pattern from diagram to written for friends!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The endless search (7-26-05)

I'm on a mission. To find a pattern. It has me stumped.
I've enlisted help from a lot of places. It is a German pattern, a double spiral doily, originally published by Burda Crochet Magazine, supposedly in the fall of 2000. Any suggestions as to how to find this pattern?

Today's Handistuff: About an hour of counted cross stitch, and half an hour of crochet. About 2 hours of 'putering. Posted Crocheted Graph Lesson#2 at RCC, and posted Diagram Crochet Lesson #1 at RABC.