Thursday, December 21, 2006

Screeeeeeeeech!! (Crafting coming to a HALT!) kinda looks like crochet, but its a cast. So, NO crochet, NO cross dishes!! Just goes to show that not only do CATS and crochet not mix, CLUMSY PEOPLE and crochet don't mix, either!

I'm not finished with the Duke cross stitch for my sister-in-law for Christmas. I'm also not through with a doily I was 3 ROWS from completing for my assistant. Ah, well, I will get them finished as soon as the monster cast comes off. My response to the ortopedic doc was, "SIX WEEKS??? You're KIDDING!!" He laughed...

Today's CatStuff: BittyKitty is little freaked by the Christmas stuff sitting around. She can't decide if the 2 foot fiber optic snowman is friend or foe.

Today's PuterStuff: Back to designing cross stitch and graphics. I can do both one-handed!

Today's CraftStuff: Yeah, RIGHT!!!

The Olders keeping warm...on MY robe!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Closing in on a finish!

I have 3 colors, and then the washing-blocking-ironing-mounting-matting-framing to go! Geez, that sounds like a lot of work left for something that is supposed to be completed by Christmas! I'm working on it!!!

Today's Crafty stuff: Just cross stitch...can't afford to do anything else right now

Today's Puter Stuff: I've learned several new things on my PaintShop Pro program lately. Learning to embed text, and things like that. My next projects is learning to animate pictures.

Today's Cat Stuff: They're still here! The olders had a birthday last month. They are 5.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Quickie Bookmark for Christmas! ~UPDATED~

Size 10 thread (I used dark red and ecru)
Size 7 steel hook

Stitches used: single crochet, slip stitch

With Ecru:
Chain 30, keep it straight and join with a slip stitch
R1-Ch 1, sc in same stitch and in each stitch around, join with sl st into the beginning sc of this round.
R2-6–repeat round 1, finish off ecru after this round.
R7–join red with a sc in the beginning stitch of the previous row, sc around, join with sl st into the first sc of this round.
R8-12 repeat round 11, do not finish off red.
R13-decrease sc over the first two stitches of this round, add another decrease sc half way through the round (28 sc)
R14-25–repeat round 13 until there are 4 stitches left on your hat
Last row of hat–decrease sc through all four stitches, closing the top of the hat. Do not finish off red

Ch 60, sc in 10th ch from the hook, and each remaining ch until the last ch. Sl st into the last ch, and sl st into the stitch that closed your hat.
Make an ecru tassel or pom-pom to add to loop at the end of your bookmark. Turn up the hat piece at the color joining line. Press lightly!

Mary McKnight

Free for your personal not copy or post without permission

Friday, November 10, 2006

Just an update

Latest progress>>>>>

I had to quit working on the black, I'm still dreaming black! I've just started the stitching on his face, and its the same color as the aida cloth, essentially, so its hard to see. Ya think I'll be done by Christmas??

Just a random cat picture!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

A doily a day...

...keeps the crazies away. Well...I can hardly say that I can make a doily a day...but I usually work on one at least for a little bit of time each day.
Now, here's the mystery. When I completed this doily I just tossed the pattern. I had printed it on my computer, so I'm going on the assumption that it was a free pattern on the internet. I told several people I was working on this one, and that it reminded me of a Lily of the Valley plant. Then my brain told me that was the name of the doily. I went to find the link, so I could post it here, and its NOT either of the Lily of the Valley doilies that I have found on the internet. Both of those are at Celt's Vintage Crochet, but they aren't this one...unless I TOTALLY read the pattern wrong! ha ha

Close up...why do we put pictures of close-ups around for others to see?

As soon as I find this pattern I will edit this post and add the URL so everyone can find it.

Today's CatStuff: Jazz, driving everyone nuts. Must be a CatMoon outside!

Today's PuterStuff: Just downloading pictures, cleaning up my puter.

Today's CraftStuff: Miss Thing is finished!! Will post updated pictures as soon as the wings are dry after the starching.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fairy tale coming to life...

Crocheted dragon, incomplete, I designed and am entering into an exchange at rock_a_beady_crochet group (Yahoo!) There will be no pattern written, too complicated, so it will be a OOAK! I am currently attempting to get the hackles (or whatever they are called) to stiffen so that I can sew them down her back.

Libby reluctantly showing us she has one teeny-tiny spot that sin't silver gray on her body.

My mom's entry in the San Juan County Fair. I took the picture (my grandson), and made her a pattern. She did the needlework (the HARDEST part), and together we matted and framed the piece. She was pickled-tink over the whole thing! I was, too!








Today's Cat Stuff: In ancient Egypt cats were thought of as gods. They have not forgotten this!

Today's Craft Stuff: Working on Christmas presents! Its a very few short weeks until it will be upon us! Aaaaaghhhhh!!

Today's Puter Stuff: Ran all my updates, and cleaned out the junk and cobwebs. Security has to be tight, tight! LOL

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Small Crochet...

Butterfly and small a doily done as a "Doily-Along" with the Gathering Threads group. Just some little projects as I can't work with yarn right now. My hands have been bothering me as we've had frequent weather changes lately. The patterns are free on the net, I'm just not positive about where to find them. If I find out I will link back to the patterns.

New pictures of the girls. BittyKitty (left) showing off for the camera. Jazz (top right) and Libby (bottom right) sharing their wonderfulness with us all!

Today's Puter Stuff: Getting information about a New Mexico State Park, Bluewater Lake SP, for Jimmy and David. They've been wanting to fish there forever.

Today's Cat Stuff: You know, BittyKitty STILL can't meow. She just squeaks. The woman that I got her from says her brother, also a polydactyl cat, also cannot meow. Hmmmm....

Today's Crafty Stuff: Just the small thread projects. And some counted cross stitch Christmas presents!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Interpretation of a pattern

My interpretation of a beaded bag pattern found on the net, here. Its been years since I put a zipper in anything, and you can tell! Had fun making it though as a Myster Crochet Along with a group. It was interesting that all of us came up with something a little different, as we had no picture as a guide.

I'm trying to get some handmade items done for Christmas, one down, several to finish or start.
Today's Handistuff: Finishing a bag I'm making for myself.
Today's CatStuff: Not a creature is stirring, not even BittyKitty!
Today's PuterStuff: Updating security stuff, a necessary evil!

Random Pictures:

The lap of luxury...or the dog! (Ashton, age 2)

We're having a heat most everyone else. Water is our friend!! (Vance, 3 months, and Janie)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cats & Crochet DO mix...

...and here's the proof. Kitty potholders I made from a vintage crochet pattern found on the net. HERE

Kinda looks like I cut their tails off, but that's about how long they are.

Can you guess where I went? Yep, St. Louis. Attended the annual NADONA conference there and had a great time. The weather was perfect. I haven't seen that much "green" in a long time!





Today's Cat Stuff: Nothing new here. I do know I have to get cat food before I go to work this morning, or ELSE!!

Today's Craft Stuff: Working on the same beaded bag. S l o o o o w going!

Today's Computer Stuff: Blogger lost me! It took me several days to get that one straightened out!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I know, I know, its several months away, but when your work is slow you gotta start early! So, I've put away the things I make for myself, or for just fun, and I'm working on Christmas presents.
This is a counted cross stitch picture of John Wayne that I designed for my sister-in-law for Christmas. I would say its about 1/10th done...ha ha! The pattern export of the finished product is on the left, of course, and the piece I'm working on is on the right.

Also working on a project with some friends...a crochet along. Just a piece I did in the pattern to see what the brown beads on brown thread would look like....

Todays CatStuff: Ever seen a cat who had to have their hind end shaved? Well, Bitty Kitty had most of the hair on her bottom and about 2 inches up her tail clipped off cause she'd been sick. Poor thing, I thought it might be embarrassing for me to take a picture of her. But then I might anyway! LOL

Today's PuterStuff: Nothing, busy and not enough time to keep this blog updated properly.

Today's CraftStuff: If it can hold my attention it will get done!!!!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Doilies, and MORE doilies

Been busy thread crocheting. Adding pics of two finished doilies, the large (blue, green, cream) has already been given to my sister. The small (purple varigated) is going to a friend, and hasn't been blocked/starched. Doesn't travel well in the mail that way! I'm also working on a sling bag for myself (supposedly) and a shrug.

Today's Cat Stuff: Nothing new in the cattery.

Today's Crafty Stuff: I'm putting away my counted cross stitch projects (the ones being made for myself). Its time to start Christmas presents!!

Today's puter stuff: mail, lots of it!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Trying a new thing...

...CLOthing! Its been years since I crocheted a piece of clothing. Big old bulky sweaters for my dad and hubby. So I'm trying a pattern from Berroco, called Blue Shrug, I think. Its a little different. I'm using LusterSheen in a sage green, and a "0" hook. We'll see how it works out.

Another project. A phone that we could NOT make work, made an interesting nightlight. Just something that popped into hubby's head, so I made it work!

Just a random cat picture!

Today's crafty stuff: Not much, just a little crochet between work and chores
Today's cat stuff: Food?
Today's puter stuff: Trying to update web site, blog and group home pages!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dreaming in Black and White

I have made teeny-tiny black stitches until I'm dreaming about making black stitches!!!
I gotta stop and do something else...

Spring has sprung here in the Southwest...maybe its time to do yard work, instead of BLACK!!


Today's Cat Stuff: Bitty Kitty is a year old! Happy BD crazy cat!
Today's Craft Stuff: Starting a new CAL with the RCC bunch, that will get my mind off BLACK
Today's Puter Stuff: Renewing, updating puter security.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Thank you, Kristine!

A very nice lady emailed me and provided a correction for my Cherries Jubilee 12" Square pattern. I will list the correction here, and then edit the correction into the original post.
Kristine, I appreciate you taking the time to let me hear from you!
6. Sl st to next corner space. Ch 3, dc, ch 2, 2 dc in the same space, *dc in next cluster and 2 dc in next space, hdc in next cluster and 2 hdc in next space, sc in next cluster and 2 sc in next space, sc in next cluster and 2 sc in next space, sc in next cluster, 2 hdc in next space, hdc in next cluster, 2 dc in next space, dc in next cluster, 2 dc-ch 2-2 dc in next space*, repeat from * to * around, ending with 2 dc in next space, join with sl st to the top of the beginning cluster of this row. Finish off soft white.

What's a blog without pictures?? Some pictures of some of my XS designs.

And a cat!

And family!!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Helpful Libby

So, Libby and I (?) are working on a crochet-along bag with RockingChairCrocheters. Its been a while since I've made something out of yarn...she was happy!
I'm actually making two bags during the crochet-along because I've been home from work since Tuesday. Bronchitis, injured ribs, and Dr.'s orders to stay home and get well. Took about 18 hours for the boredom to set in!

The two bags I am working on. The green is two strands of baby 3 ply. The other is 4 ply ww and needs about 10 rows added before I can move to the next part

Today's CatStuff: Just the never ending crochet help from the two olders
Today's CraftyStuff: Staving off boredom, working on the bags and Mild Menagerie
Today's PuterStuff: Been working on some xs patterns. Nothing earth shattering!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Finished Object 2006

I finished my sister's counted cross stitch cross. Now I'm looking for a suitable frame for it. But...IT'S DONE!
Have several other projects on the frames or hooks, depending on what it is we're talking about!

Today's crafty stuff: frames? Working on Cat's Eyes, finishing an afghan, some other things.
Today's cat stuff: Been gone 3 days, and the girls missed us of course, but Jazz REALLY missed Jimmy! Silly cat
Today's puter stuff: Just mail, and the usual work stuff!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Back to the Big City!

The LTC facility where I work was purchased by another company. Now they think we should all be retrained! So its off to the big city, Albuquerque, to learn how to do the job I've been doing for 8 years! ~sigh~
The lady I sent the doily I just finished to was kind enough to send me a picture of it, so I could put it here.

Also, a peek at my next design project...

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

And now there's five...

I think with the amount of background to be done it is about 2/3 finished? Can't wait to get it framed and hung! I'm very impatient that way.
I completely forgot to take pictures of the doily and bookmarks before I mailed them.

Today's CatStuff: only the thread kind!
Today's CraftyStuff: Gotta get busy on some WIP's and get them finished up
Today's PuterStuff: Found lots of frames to play with for my PSP 8, I appreciated the talented people who can do that and all I have to do is adopt them!

Sunday, February 26, 2006


OK, I'll quit playing...I finally figured out how to frame my pattern exports pictures so people could see what they might look like in "person". Been having fun with it, but have learned that I need a BIGGER selection of frames! So...the hunt is on.

Today's CatStuff: They certainly miss me when I'm gone, KW too, its nice to have 3 animals so excited to see you when you get home!
Today's CraftyStuff: Working on Cat's Eyes, and my sign. Also crocheted for a while on a scarf, and finished a doily.
Today's PuterStuff: Going searching for PSP frames!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My poor car!

An uninsured motorist ran a stop sign and crunched my car! Of all things! How did he get his registration without insurance? And he's diabled, AND he's you think he'll pay for this? NOT!!!! argghhhhhhhhhh!!

Not a lot else happening at this end of the world. Been doing some crocheting, almost through with this current project, picture coming soon! Also working on a couple of counted cross stitch, tho right now concentrating on an Olympic CHallenge piece...supposed to be done by the time I watch the closing ceremonies....not sure that that will happen!
Today's CatStuff: not much, cats is cats
Today's PuterStuff: nothing new there either
Today's CraftyStuff: step by step!

My sign, will go in my office, eventually will read "Put on your big girl hat and DEAL with it!"

A crochet exchange gift I received from Rhonda. The earrings are crocheted with wire...I have GOT to try this!! Thanks, Rhonda!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Slowly she stitched...

...step by step, inch by inch! One thing about crochet that is nice is that after I've worked several hours I have inches of work to show for it. A few hours of counted cross stitch can result in ONE inch of work! Had to frog the lower part of cat #4's face last night. Takes as long to get those stitches out as it did to get them in there...longer actually!

I love BIG cats, too. This is a pattern I'm currently editing for counted cross stitch. What a great cat!

Today's crafty stuff: Will be working on a Valentine's Day project this evening, need to get it mailed in a day or two, then working on either the Cat's Eyes or cross.

Today's puter stuff: Looking for some sort of program that will put a frame on my cross stitch patterns. Virtual frames, I guess.

Today's cat stuff: Not much...cats is cats!