Thursday, November 24, 2005

hours, and hours, and hours

I can't even count the amount of time I have worked on this project. You can see the last picture below. This is an update. After quite some time. And other than the nose being "darker" I can't see a lot of difference in the thing! However...I am DETERMINED that it will be completed, and framed, before Christmas. I better get OFF here and get back to work, don't you think??

Today's Cat Stuff: They're still here. They're still spoiled. BittyKitty will be going to get f-i-x-e-d next month. Joy
Today's Puter Stuff: Trying to get ready for Christmas, ebay and I are friends right now!
Today's Craft Stuff: The afghan for Josh is coming along, the surprise for my sister is coming along...IS THIS DOG COMING ALONG?????

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Current Projects!

Bitty Kitty thinks she's a bird...she has to "perch" on things, or she's not happy!

This is the golden retriever picture I'm making for my mom for Christmas. Counted cross stitch, my own pattern. Think I'll get done before the big day?

This is the afghan I'm making for my nephew for Christmas. It is Beth's Little Star afghan, in black and brights using 4 ply worsted weight yarn, and will be nephew is 6' 4" tall! Its about half done, I guess.

CatStuff: Nothing new, which is usual
PuterStuff: Working on the Men cxs series of earlier post
CraftStuff: As seen above!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A "Side Trip"

I've been missing in action! Work's been crazy, home life's been crazy, too! Crocheting is happening....slowly. In my almost-non-existent-spare-time I'm working on some counted cross stitch patterns.

So what do you think of "The Men"? Don't know what I will call the series, yet. They are 100 stitches wide on 18 count aida cloth. All will be on black.

CrochetStuff: Working on C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S, don't say that TOO loud! And a few squares, a couple of my own design.

CatStuff: BittyKitty is are Jazz and Libby. I swear I'm gonna have the 3 fattest cats in town!

PuterStuff: Not enough time to do the computer stuff I want to be able to do! The story of my life!