Friday, December 30, 2005

Okay, okay...

...its not a cat! But, I've been laughing so hard, I decided to post a picture. My sister-in-law got a new Chihuahua puppy, and of course it was freezing. So crochet hook to the rescue! Got some worsted weight and some eyelash-type yarn and went to work.
Now, I have cats (they wouldn't be caught DEAD in a sweater) and a big, hairy dog (no sweater required) and so I'm thinking "how hard can this be?" The sweater turned out so CUTE...til I tried to put the thing on the puppy! It was like stuffing a pillow into sandwich bag! By the time I was through dressing the poor thing she was exhausted and so was I...from laughing so hard.
So its back to the drawing board...don't make dogs one piece sweaters that you THINK they will just slip into...ain't gonna work!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Projects done, un-done, and undone!

Finished the Retriever counted cross stitch for my mom, sorry about the glare on the glass. So will be trying to get my OTHER Christmas project finished as soon as I can, had to tell my sister I wasn't finished with hers, cause it took so long to finish this one.
Also didn't finish the star will give my nephew the giant granny meant for another family member...and finish the star for later.

Why does it get so hectic at Christmas? My nerves were really frazzled this year, and the PEOPLE everywhere. I didn't find any Grinches while out and about, but cannot figure out where they all CAME FROM!

Projects for the New Year??? Oh yeah, as soon as I finish projects for 2005! The only plans I have are for an afghan, made from an Anne Cloth, counted cross stitch. It will eventually be someone's but its first purpose will be the San Juan County Fair in get started ASAP

Today's cat stuff: You should have seen, or not seen, the cats last night. We had 25 people here to presents and dinner...the only one who braved the crowd was the dog! The cats just conveniently disappeared!

Today's handy stuff: Absolutely NOTHING!!!

Today's puter stuff: Just this quick update! Oh, and a picture of BittyKitty...thought I'd better get a "middle" teen picture in here...she will be a full year on Easter!

Guess I should leave out the other either! Jazz and Libby here enjoying my least someone loves it! They think I crochet in order for them to have a comfy place to nap!