Tuesday, February 28, 2006

And now there's five...

I think with the amount of background to be done it is about 2/3 finished? Can't wait to get it framed and hung! I'm very impatient that way.
I completely forgot to take pictures of the doily and bookmarks before I mailed them.

Today's CatStuff: only the thread kind!
Today's CraftyStuff: Gotta get busy on some WIP's and get them finished up
Today's PuterStuff: Found lots of frames to play with for my PSP 8, I appreciated the talented people who can do that and all I have to do is adopt them!

Sunday, February 26, 2006


OK, I'll quit playing...I finally figured out how to frame my pattern exports pictures so people could see what they might look like in "person". Been having fun with it, but have learned that I need a BIGGER selection of frames! So...the hunt is on.

Today's CatStuff: They certainly miss me when I'm gone, KW too, its nice to have 3 animals so excited to see you when you get home!
Today's CraftyStuff: Working on Cat's Eyes, and my sign. Also crocheted for a while on a scarf, and finished a doily.
Today's PuterStuff: Going searching for PSP frames!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My poor car!

An uninsured motorist ran a stop sign and crunched my car! Of all things! How did he get his registration without insurance? And he's diabled, AND he's unemployed...do you think he'll pay for this? NOT!!!! argghhhhhhhhhh!!

Not a lot else happening at this end of the world. Been doing some crocheting, almost through with this current project, picture coming soon! Also working on a couple of counted cross stitch, tho right now concentrating on an Olympic CHallenge piece...supposed to be done by the time I watch the closing ceremonies....not sure that that will happen!
Today's CatStuff: not much, cats is cats
Today's PuterStuff: nothing new there either
Today's CraftyStuff: step by step!

My sign, will go in my office, eventually will read "Put on your big girl hat and DEAL with it!"

A crochet exchange gift I received from Rhonda. The earrings are crocheted with wire...I have GOT to try this!! Thanks, Rhonda!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Slowly she stitched...

...step by step, inch by inch! One thing about crochet that is nice is that after I've worked several hours I have inches of work to show for it. A few hours of counted cross stitch can result in ONE inch of work! Had to frog the lower part of cat #4's face last night. Takes as long to get those stitches out as it did to get them in there...longer actually!

I love BIG cats, too. This is a pattern I'm currently editing for counted cross stitch. What a great cat!

Today's crafty stuff: Will be working on a Valentine's Day project this evening, need to get it mailed in a day or two, then working on either the Cat's Eyes or cross.

Today's puter stuff: Looking for some sort of program that will put a frame on my cross stitch patterns. Virtual frames, I guess.

Today's cat stuff: Not much...cats is cats!