Thursday, November 24, 2005

hours, and hours, and hours

I can't even count the amount of time I have worked on this project. You can see the last picture below. This is an update. After quite some time. And other than the nose being "darker" I can't see a lot of difference in the thing! However...I am DETERMINED that it will be completed, and framed, before Christmas. I better get OFF here and get back to work, don't you think??

Today's Cat Stuff: They're still here. They're still spoiled. BittyKitty will be going to get f-i-x-e-d next month. Joy
Today's Puter Stuff: Trying to get ready for Christmas, ebay and I are friends right now!
Today's Craft Stuff: The afghan for Josh is coming along, the surprise for my sister is coming along...IS THIS DOG COMING ALONG?????