Sunday, March 26, 2006

Helpful Libby

So, Libby and I (?) are working on a crochet-along bag with RockingChairCrocheters. Its been a while since I've made something out of yarn...she was happy!
I'm actually making two bags during the crochet-along because I've been home from work since Tuesday. Bronchitis, injured ribs, and Dr.'s orders to stay home and get well. Took about 18 hours for the boredom to set in!

The two bags I am working on. The green is two strands of baby 3 ply. The other is 4 ply ww and needs about 10 rows added before I can move to the next part

Today's CatStuff: Just the never ending crochet help from the two olders
Today's CraftyStuff: Staving off boredom, working on the bags and Mild Menagerie
Today's PuterStuff: Been working on some xs patterns. Nothing earth shattering!