Saturday, June 24, 2006

I know, I know, its several months away, but when your work is slow you gotta start early! So, I've put away the things I make for myself, or for just fun, and I'm working on Christmas presents.
This is a counted cross stitch picture of John Wayne that I designed for my sister-in-law for Christmas. I would say its about 1/10th done...ha ha! The pattern export of the finished product is on the left, of course, and the piece I'm working on is on the right.

Also working on a project with some friends...a crochet along. Just a piece I did in the pattern to see what the brown beads on brown thread would look like....

Todays CatStuff: Ever seen a cat who had to have their hind end shaved? Well, Bitty Kitty had most of the hair on her bottom and about 2 inches up her tail clipped off cause she'd been sick. Poor thing, I thought it might be embarrassing for me to take a picture of her. But then I might anyway! LOL

Today's PuterStuff: Nothing, busy and not enough time to keep this blog updated properly.

Today's CraftStuff: If it can hold my attention it will get done!!!!