Thursday, December 21, 2006

Screeeeeeeeech!! (Crafting coming to a HALT!) kinda looks like crochet, but its a cast. So, NO crochet, NO cross dishes!! Just goes to show that not only do CATS and crochet not mix, CLUMSY PEOPLE and crochet don't mix, either!

I'm not finished with the Duke cross stitch for my sister-in-law for Christmas. I'm also not through with a doily I was 3 ROWS from completing for my assistant. Ah, well, I will get them finished as soon as the monster cast comes off. My response to the ortopedic doc was, "SIX WEEKS??? You're KIDDING!!" He laughed...

Today's CatStuff: BittyKitty is little freaked by the Christmas stuff sitting around. She can't decide if the 2 foot fiber optic snowman is friend or foe.

Today's PuterStuff: Back to designing cross stitch and graphics. I can do both one-handed!

Today's CraftStuff: Yeah, RIGHT!!!

The Olders keeping warm...on MY robe!