Saturday, August 09, 2008

Long blog!

Life gets in the way of blogging. And crafting. And playing. And...and..and...

So I made squares...a quick and easy thing to do especially when its hot! Joined an exchange, received 16 squares in return, and will make a lapghan.

Joined another exchange...called an LOL exchange (the piece was supposed to make your partner Laugh Out Loud when the recieved it). I designed this mouse/cheese Kleenex box cover. Didn't write the pattern, should have as several people have asked for it.

Joined a Crochet Along, Sue made me. I didn't realize this doily had a "heart" theme or wouldn't have used black. Ha ha

Finished a counted cross stitch project. I've started the second in this series. A series of 4, took me 10 months to finish....its will be a WHILE before this set gets done!

Joined another exchange, designed the bag, once pattern. Loosely based on another bag I designed.

My friend became a grandma for the first time, so HAD to make a baby blanket for her new treasure!

Joined ANOTHER exchange and designed this potholder, that's the reverse side behind it. My interpretation of a Daisy. pattern.

Latest Cat Stuff: The girls are fine as always, just getting fat and sassy!

BittyKitty Sitting Pretty! LOL

Jazz...being suspicious. That's Jazz for you.

Libby, attacking my camera strap. Do you think she resents having her picture made so much????