Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Endless Search....ENDED

Just a little picture of BittyKitty's "thumb"

I FINALLY found the pattern for the spiral doily...after months of searching. It can be found here:
This is a foreign language site, but amongst all the things you MIGHT not be able to read, there are 3 blue "clickable" words. "Noaia" 1, 2, and on them and you will find the crochet diagram for the doily, and its joining.

Today's catstuff: Just being cats. Woke up several times last night because a cat "touched-down" in the middle of me as they were flying through the house. Must have been some catnip growing outside the windows last night.

Today's handistuff: Got some MAJOR work done on the counted cross stitch I'm working on the last couple of days. Working on the finishing rounds of the beaded doily, and getting some squares ready to mail to others.

Today's puterstuff: Just email, and directing other people to the pattern above. My mom finally bought a new computer yesterday, and I spent a while setting it up for her. Its a beautfy. She will love it.