Thursday, September 08, 2005


I finally finished this doily. I REALLY enjoyed this pattern, found it on one of the Russian crochet sites. Now that its finished, I think the varigated thread is a little BUSY, but I still love the colors. I will definitely be keeping this one to make again. There are many, many crochet patterns out there, but very few make it into my "LIKED-IT-ENOUGH-TO-MAKE-IT-AGAIN" folder!

Today's handistuff: Packing things to take with me on a "shorty" vacation. Gotta have something to do while we are traveling. Planning to crochet myself a backpack. Found the pattern at HappyHooker!

Today's puterstuff: just this, and email

Today's catstuff: Getting the cats ready for me to be gone a few days, too. Cats are so easy! Of course, they'll be glad to see me when I get home, but they will ACT like they are peeved because I was gone. Gotta Luv 'Em!!