Friday, February 03, 2006

Slowly she stitched...

...step by step, inch by inch! One thing about crochet that is nice is that after I've worked several hours I have inches of work to show for it. A few hours of counted cross stitch can result in ONE inch of work! Had to frog the lower part of cat #4's face last night. Takes as long to get those stitches out as it did to get them in there...longer actually!

I love BIG cats, too. This is a pattern I'm currently editing for counted cross stitch. What a great cat!

Today's crafty stuff: Will be working on a Valentine's Day project this evening, need to get it mailed in a day or two, then working on either the Cat's Eyes or cross.

Today's puter stuff: Looking for some sort of program that will put a frame on my cross stitch patterns. Virtual frames, I guess.

Today's cat stuff: Not much...cats is cats!