Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My poor car!

An uninsured motorist ran a stop sign and crunched my car! Of all things! How did he get his registration without insurance? And he's diabled, AND he's you think he'll pay for this? NOT!!!! argghhhhhhhhhh!!

Not a lot else happening at this end of the world. Been doing some crocheting, almost through with this current project, picture coming soon! Also working on a couple of counted cross stitch, tho right now concentrating on an Olympic CHallenge piece...supposed to be done by the time I watch the closing ceremonies....not sure that that will happen!
Today's CatStuff: not much, cats is cats
Today's PuterStuff: nothing new there either
Today's CraftyStuff: step by step!

My sign, will go in my office, eventually will read "Put on your big girl hat and DEAL with it!"

A crochet exchange gift I received from Rhonda. The earrings are crocheted with wire...I have GOT to try this!! Thanks, Rhonda!