Sunday, July 30, 2006

Interpretation of a pattern

My interpretation of a beaded bag pattern found on the net, here. Its been years since I put a zipper in anything, and you can tell! Had fun making it though as a Myster Crochet Along with a group. It was interesting that all of us came up with something a little different, as we had no picture as a guide.

I'm trying to get some handmade items done for Christmas, one down, several to finish or start.
Today's Handistuff: Finishing a bag I'm making for myself.
Today's CatStuff: Not a creature is stirring, not even BittyKitty!
Today's PuterStuff: Updating security stuff, a necessary evil!

Random Pictures:

The lap of luxury...or the dog! (Ashton, age 2)

We're having a heat most everyone else. Water is our friend!! (Vance, 3 months, and Janie)