Sunday, August 06, 2006

Small Crochet...

Butterfly and small a doily done as a "Doily-Along" with the Gathering Threads group. Just some little projects as I can't work with yarn right now. My hands have been bothering me as we've had frequent weather changes lately. The patterns are free on the net, I'm just not positive about where to find them. If I find out I will link back to the patterns.

New pictures of the girls. BittyKitty (left) showing off for the camera. Jazz (top right) and Libby (bottom right) sharing their wonderfulness with us all!

Today's Puter Stuff: Getting information about a New Mexico State Park, Bluewater Lake SP, for Jimmy and David. They've been wanting to fish there forever.

Today's Cat Stuff: You know, BittyKitty STILL can't meow. She just squeaks. The woman that I got her from says her brother, also a polydactyl cat, also cannot meow. Hmmmm....

Today's Crafty Stuff: Just the small thread projects. And some counted cross stitch Christmas presents!