Thursday, February 22, 2007

Getting back to normal...

The cast is off, and I'm slowly getting back into being able to crochet. So far, I can crochet about as much as I want to with thread, and crochet slowly and shortly with yarn. I finally finished one of two unfinished Christmas presents, the ones I was working on when I broke my arm. I am still working on John Wayne!

This is the doily I made for my friend/co-worker. The "would-be" Christmas present! I got the pattern from a Russian web site...can't find it again, or read what I have (other than the doily graph itself) so can't point anyone in the direction of the pattern. I'm sure if you have a list of Russian crochet sites that you can find it. Its a fairly simple pattern, the outside rows are pretty long, the overall size of the piece is about 22 inches. Done in stark white, size 10 thread, with a size 7 hook.

The days are getting longer, and some days are almost balmy here, but winter still takes hold when the sun goes down. Waiting eagerly for spring, and the day I don't have to wear a coat. I hate coats!

Today's crafty-stuff: Gotta get finished with John Wayne, the mat and frame are just waiting for me! Then I will have my "backlog" caught up. I'm preparing to start an afghan, LA's 63 squares Heirloom Afghan, as a crochet-along project at RCC. Still haven't decided on colors I will be using.

Today's cat-stuff:

Hmmm...taken today, guess I better change the date on my camera!

Today's Computer-stuff: I've corrupted my Adobe Reader, and for some reason can't delete it from my computer. I've been working on this for a while (a computer expert I'm NOT). AND I managed to completely crash my old computer, which I was going to use for another purpose. Should I call the Geek Squad???