Saturday, March 24, 2007

For my adopted Grandma

This is the doily I made for my adopted Grandma, whose name is also Mary, who is a resident at the LTC where I work. Mary is a proud and stoic woman, and she doesn't speak English...and goodness knows I can't speak Navajo, but we communicate well! LOL If its important I get an interpreter, if its just everyday stuff, we manage with gestures and single words, and a lot of laughter!

Today's cat stuff: Its becoming spring, seems like there's cat hair everywhere I turn. You'd think that cats who never go outside wouldn't shed so much, but they do.

Today's craft stuff: Making squares for a Crochet-Along for a group I belong to, and working on a mystery exchange puffy

Today's computer stuff: Nothing, just email and blog and MySpace.