Saturday, August 18, 2007

A long dry spell...for blogging

Its been a while! Things have been happening, just not exciting things. Work's been crazy, but is calming down finally. The cats are getting fat and sassy, the crochet is getting done...slowly, but done none the less! We are in our "monsoon" season here in the Four Corners. Monsoon in New Mexico doesn't really mean what it does elsewhere, but we have had some rain. Weed control takes a little more time than it used to, is about all it means here, oh and I don't have to water my trees as often. That's about it.

I have been making doilies for some unknown reason, making a little stash of Christmas presents I guess. I don't have one doily in use in this house. I don't usually use that kind of thing, but I do enjoy making them. And I enjoy giving them away.

This is a 13" square that I did up for my friend, Katheryn. She is making a huge tablecloth, and some of us got together and we're helping her out by sending her some finished pieces to the tablecloth. I have also make another square for her cloth, it is a basket full of fruit that goes with this one, and some squares made to represent leaves (I couldn't figure that square out, so settled for helping with these). It was fun, I've never done filet crochet much before.

This doily went into my "gift stash". I enjoyed this pattern a lot, it was a little more challenging, and I frogged a few rows, but it turned out very nice. Kept me occupied for a couple of weeks.

Like I said, "fat and sassy". Libby and Jazz enjoying a cool place to nap. Its been hot, but these silly cats will STILL take a nap in the sunshine coming through a window!

Today's Craft Stuff: Of course, I have a doily going. And I'm finishing up an afghan from a pattern by Leisure Arts called A 63 Square Heirloom Afghan...what a project THAT has been! Is still "being" I guess cause its not finished yet!
Today's Cat Stuff: Sleep all day...Creep all night! That's what cat's do, you know!
Today's Computer Stuff: Looking for a picture to work on for a cross stitch project. Looking around a Japanese site I found that has very interesting crafts on it. That's about it.