Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ever tried to teach?

Did you ever take on the task of teaching someone, or some PEOPLE, to crochet? I taught a young lady to crochet once, she was left handed. So she sat opposite me in a chair, and just mimicked what I did. It worked, but that was just stitches. She had to teach herself how to adapt patterns and such.
I'm teaching a bunch of fellow crochet group members to read crochet diagrams...that's going well. I'm also trying to teach how to crochet a lapghan using a picture graph...that's NOT going so well. We're still trying though.
Suggestions? I've hit all the web sites I could find with graphed instructions.

Today's handistuff: Finishing up some exchange things, the contest piece, and working up the final practice piece for the diagram crochet lessons.

Today's catstuff: They're still here! Its "sleep all day" time, so we can stay up and be obnoxious all night!

Today's puterstuff: Looking for a pattern I found a long time ago...and it appears to be gone from the net.

picture at left
Rinky-Pink Treasure Sack

2 3/4 inches tall

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