Monday, August 15, 2005

THEY like cross stitch, too.

I guess cats don't JUST like crochet thread and yarn. Nothing is quite as fascinating to a young cat as a needle and thread going in and out of a piece of Aida cloth!

Today's handistuff: Bored! Can you say "short attention span"? So I'm making a cross stitch/bead scissor case. Just as though I don't need to be doing something else!

Today's puterstuff: Looking for some things on the internet for my son. I'm wondering why. He wants copies of some Chinese symbols...and the Korean alphabet. Last time I saw him I was introduced to his new tatoo...Chinese symbols for something, can't remember what he said. ~sigh~

Today's catstuff: Polydactyl cats have some popularity on the internet! I had no idea.