Saturday, August 13, 2005

Weekend's here!

Whew! What a week...starting with a 19 hour work day on Monday! Geez...too old for that!
We've had rain. We needed it badly, so can't complain.
No luck with the spiral doily hunt...more dead ends. ~sigh~

Today's handistuff: Doily in the picture...slow going, but still enjoying the pattern. One 12" square designed...just have to write the pattern out. Starting another doily for an exchange, beaded. That's about it for this weekend.

Today's puterstuff: I can't figure out how to get a document (Word) copied to a web page...I don't want to type it out, cause I have about six pages to do...too much time. Still working on it...

Today's catstuff: Watching BittyKitty trying to figure out how to jump all the way up to the ceiling fan. Certainly hope she doesn't solve that one!