Sunday, August 21, 2005

Weekend's over...dang it

I finished the doily from "you know where", and its on its way to the contest. Forgot to take a picture, so can't post. I'm always so ready to send things off after I get them made I frequently forget the pics.
Help from Crochetville...again! Posted that I wanted a pattern for a larger cross for my sister, and immediately got a response (thank you, thank you, Susan) for a cross wall hanging from , it has poinsettias on the original, but will put something else on the finished piece. Since its not for Christmas.

For a Pebble Pouch Exchange on Rock_a_Beady_Crochet, recipient unknown!

Today handistuff: finished the pebble pouch, finished the contest doily, started the cross for my sister. Also started working on some 12 inch squares for another exchange. Ripped out some stitches on the counted cross stitch I'm working takes longer to get them out than to get them in!

Today's puterstuff: Just email. And worked on my mom's computer. Talked her into getting a new one, cause the one she's got is just dying. Updated some pictures on . That's about it.

Today's catstuff: I would never have guessed how much 3 cats could eat. I've had 2 cats for several years...added BittyKitty, and seems like every time I turn around I'm going after food and litter!